My life is in danger – Fela’s son, Seun Kuti

Nigerian singer and instrumentalist, Seun Kuti has claimed that his life is under threat due to his position on socio-political matters.

The son of late Afrobeats pioneer, Fela, said some influential people in the country are attempting to “destroy and kill” him for speaking the truth.

Seun Kuti stigmatized for being Fela son

In a video making the rounds online Seun informed fans that he’s been secretly fighting ‘wars’ and has lost count of the court cases and police invites he’s gotten over the years.

He said; “I will reveal it here today. They want silent me for this country. I can’t tell you how many wars I am fighting alone. I can’t tell you how many cases in court for nothing, how many police invitations left, right and centre for nothing. For just saying the truth, everybody is inviting the police on me.

“Because I am saying the truth, they are trying to destroy and kill me. They are trying to bring me down and destroy my name. It’s not easy. They have been silencing speakers of the truth since 705 BC.”

Watch him speak:

In reaction, @naijatuale_ng said; Of course, even if you were to see all the things he was saying. You guys will still not believe it. Man’s spitting fact btw. It’s a matter of hating Christianity but saying what’s factual. Simple!

@alfredmarshh; No one will destroy you. Your Dad shrine and juju will definitely cover you

@kazuchinni; What’s truth if it can’t be verified “Life is beyond the physical eyes” So I’m to just take your word for it and follow your believe without proof?

@TOMIDE_raph; Too much of everything is bad. I will never listen to what a man who said he doesn’t believe in God has to say. No point listening bcus we are not of thesame kingdom. We are two separate people living on the earth.

@olayiwolemmy; Imagine I read a book that; as a man, one should engage in argument rather than immediate agreement, before arriving at a mutual agreement.