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My king – Ghanaian lady delivers money bouquet, chocolates to her man (Video)



In what seems to be becoming a challenge this month, a lady has made a surprise gift available to her lover.

She bought seven bars of chocolate and wrapped some Ghanaian Cedis in form of a flower bouquet.

The money bouquet had a rose petal dipped in the middle and they were all put inside a transparent glass box.

The woman hired the services of a gifting delivery company to help her package the items for the man in her life whom she refers to as a king.

In a video which has gone viral on social media platforms, she could be seen opening the gift box and unveiling its contents.

Watch the clip below:

This comes after a Nigerian lady identified as Fehin Silva revealed that she took a man on a date and settled the entire bill.

She did it as part of a challenge posed by a Twitter user @ChokolateGravy who asked women to spoil in September because it is ‘take a man on a date’ month.

Fehin shared a video from her date and she documented everything from the moment they arrived at a restaurant to the point they ordered meals and the moment she got the bill of N43, 470.

She described herself as a sugar mummy and told the guy to prepare to be spoilt and he smiled from cheek to cheek.

The young woman said she was sweating after seeing the classy food they ordered, whereas the man was dancing.

She was scared that the bill might be too high but when it came see saw that it was costly but not as much as she was expecting.

The meal was N38,511, with the addition of service charge and VAT it rose up to N43,470.

Fehin said that she has done her part, and threw the challenge open for another lady to do same with a man.

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