My kind of woman shouldn’t want to always travel abroad for vacation – Skales

Nigerian music sensation, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known as Skales has revealed the qualities of his type of woman.

The ‘Shake Body’ crooner he desires a career-minded woman who shares his ambition, passion and won’t hold him back.

Skales spoke about his preference in a recent interview with Pulse Network’s Terms and Conditions podcast.

He said he is not interested in the type that always wants to travel to choice destinations like Santorini even though they will still do all those.

The rap artiste said he wants a woman who would surprise him by doubling the money he gives

He said; “I don’t discriminate. If you’re good for me, you’re good for me. For me, it’s not about asking for money, as a man I should be able to take care of my woman.

“What I’m saying is I need that kind of woman who won’t hold me back and who would grow with me, not the type that will just relax.

“The kind of woman I want is the kind that if I give her one million she will surprise me and double it. But in this age and time, it’s hard to find them.

“My preference is that if a woman is coming into my life, she is impacting me because I know that I will be impacting her.

“We should be able to grow together, It’s not always about ‘We are going to travel to Santorini,’ we would definitely do those things.

“But what would make me so happy and really turn me on is if I see my woman is business-minded like me and I know that my life is safe with you.”