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My husband who’s a soldier said he’s going on a mission but I found him living with another woman not far from my house – Lady recounts



A lady identified as Loretta has narrated how she discovered that her husband who is a soldier lied to her that he was going on a mission.

Loretta said that her husband who she has been married to for 5 years told her that he will be going on a one-year mission but she discovered that he never traveled, instead he had been living with another woman in the same city.

Read her story:

“I’m still trying to recover.

“I’ve been married for 5 years. I was a student and he was a soldier. He has been going their missions time and time. Then last year June he told he is leaving for a year. Kanti he’s just in another location not far from where we stay

“A Thread…

“How I found out.

“It was month end (November) and he just sent money for groceries and kids clothes for December.

“So I was from town with my older sister and my kids. In a taxi, this lady is telling people on how his boyfriend told his wife that he’s going to missions

“At that time he’s at her place since June. The lady didnt know me, so I listened not aware she was talking about my husband. Then she said his surname and it clicked that she’s talking about Stebu

“My sister heard everything too. Then I told her to go home with the kids and I’m gonna follow the lady to her house and bust him

“Heeeeh.. when she gets off, I decided to make small talk with her as I was walking with her to her place, and made up an impression that I dont know where I’m going (pretended like I was going to my bf)

“So I followed her to her house. Cause she offered to help me look for my “Bf” place, so I got to the house and found my husband with feet on the table watching ujola99 laughing so hard with her kids

“He got frozen word go. And I said thanks sisi for talking care of him. I was probably gonna fight the lady, but the way he was laughing he was clearly happy and satisfied.

“And I couldn’t fight that

“He came back on the 16 of December, but I wasn’t home. And took all his clothes.

“I’ve seen him once after that at town with the lady doing grocery.

“After that I decided to look for work. And I just received an offer, starting on the 2nd of March Folded hands

“I even forgot that I had his surname until I received that call referring me as Mrs ****.

“So I’m filling for divorce before he feeds off my new work money.

“Meanwhile I’m packing. And looking for new creach for my babies. I’m healing it’s a process.

“Thank you guys’

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