My husband pays me every time we meet in the bedroom – Married woman laments

A woman has complained about the way her husband treats her which is tantamount to him not respecting their union.

She said her husband pays her every time they sleep together and he even invites her to different hotels where offer her money after every intimate encounter.

A businesswoman shared the distraught woman’s story online and said that the wife feels disrespected because her man treats her like a runs girl.

According to the woman, the man’s habit of paying for her body started when they were dating and she saw it as a fun-filled activity.

However, the problem now is that they have been married for three years and he still pays her for every time they meet in the bedroom.

She said they do not have any children yet and she expected that his kink would have stopped now that they are husband and wife.

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In other news, she earlier shared a powerful message which seems to be a cryptic response to her husband’s failure to support her when she needed him.

The award-winning actress said it is only in the storm that one knows the people that truly care for them.

CorrectNG recalls that Kolawole Ajeyemi had issued a disclaimer regarding his wife choice of presidential candidate.

Toyin is a staunch supporter of president-elect, Bola Ahmed Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), and she made known her endorsement of his candidacy.

However, following her declaration of support for the APC flagbearer, trolls had been attacking she and her family.

Her husband, Kolawole took to his social media to stated that he did not ask anyone to vote for any candidate, neither did he campaign for any party.

He distanced himself from his wife’s political stance and noted that because she supports a politician or party does not mean he shares same sentiments.

Kolawole went on to rebuke the curses placed on his children and returned them to the senders

He wrote; “Good day everybody, it’s not like I asked anyone of you to vote for any candidate or campaigned for any party and the fact that my wife is supporting a specific party doesn’t mean that I’m supporting her. So, those of you laying curses on my children I rebuke it all and I wish you all the same. And I repeat I did not campaign for any candidate.”

In a post on her Instagram story, she urged people to remember that anyone can love them when the sun is shining but it is the love during storms that matter.

Toyin Abraham wrote; “Remember, anyone can love you when the sun is shining. In the storms is where you truly cares for you”.