“My husband hired agbero to beat me” – Woman seeks divorce after 8 months of marriage

A Nigerian woman has revealed that she wants to divorce her husband over the recent dangerous plot he carried out against her.

She said they have been married for just eight months but because they had an argument two months ago, he paid a female tout (agebro) to beat her up.

According to the wife, her partner has never beat her directly and she has never dared him. She said he apologised and she forgave him but he repeated the same act again.

In her words; “Am I wrong for wanting a divorce after 8 months? My husband has never beat me directly before and I’ve never dared him to beat me.

Two months ago, we had an argument and be paid an agbero woman to come and fight me and she beat me up. He apologized but he just did it again yesterday.”

In another news…

CorrectNG recalls that a middle-aged Nigerian man dragged his wife to court for allegedly being abusive and not respecting him in the union.

He approached The Justice Court, a reality show whose primary objective is resolving domestic disputes among couples, friends and family members.

The husband lamented bitterly about the domestic abuse he suffers at his wife’s hand. He narrated how she stays at home from morning till night operating her phone and contributes nothing to the family.

He told the Judge, Funmi Asaolu that his wife visited a man in a hotel room and was bragging to him about how her lover handled her in bed. He said that his wife beat him ‘like hell’ and their kids can testify to her ill treatment.

According to him, she often acts irrationally without any provocation and there was a time she tore all his clothes that he did not have anything to wear to work.

In reaction, it_jbe wrote; “She beat me like hell” and everyone in the courtroom boosted into laughter, a man is sharing his bitter experience of domestic violence and infidelity in marriage, and everyone is seeing him as a comedian…. When it has to do with men, everyone in the society becomes a bigot.

teddyxx_16; Why are they laughing??? What is funny about a man being abused because he won’t raise his hands on a woman ? I felt it when he said “How can I be beating a woman?”…… if it was the other way round,they won’t be laughing. I hope this man finds peace.