My husband emailed my job to fire me – Kess’ wife fumes

Della Morales, the wife of Big Brother Naija ex-contestant, Kess, has alleged that he contacted her employer and tried to get her fired.

The couple have been in the news in recent weeks following claims by her that he’s been cheating on her with his colleague, Christy O.

Kess job wife

Della, fondly called Angel, also said that she has been the one sponsoring Kess and he uses her money to take care of his side chic.

The BBNaija star, however denied her allegations, and noted that she was the one who wronged him by stealing from him.

Kess wife

But in a new post on Instagram, Angel claims her husband sent an email to her place of work and tried to get them to sack her. She said he wrote incriminating lies against her and for that she wished tragedy upon her hubby.

She wrote; “Go to Hell. He emailed my job and tried to get me fired and said more lies. The F

Sick Mutha Effer. Watch!!! You emailed my job. You’re F.ing sick. Hope you rot in hell and hope F.ing die now!!!! Payback is a B.it.ch. War you want – war you get!!! I’m done even trying to have a piece of kindness over your lying ass. You crossed the line.”

See her post below:

Kess wife sack job

Reacting, enhlendebele said; Angel my love the best way to move forward is to block this man delete his contacts and forget about him

arablife88; I know you are pained but you can let this go fight it and stay strong , never let anyone turn you into something ur not, stay beautiful

mzharnu; What were you expecting you called EFCC and police for you … you told them he scmd you, you also call US immigration to stop him from ever entering US… now you are hurt SMH

I’m not saying how he treated you in the marriage was right but you would have just left him in peace…. Madness has grades his own just pass your own. I come in peace

atemmengotj; Get over him and move on. The more you post about him, the more attention he gets and it just seems like you can’t get over him

kissy_racheal; What too much evidence was he talking about.I know is an old video but …. My ears are itching 😂😂💔

mary_orji_; I think say we don end the matter. Make Una rest abeg. Nigeria too hot.