My greatest regret is getting fame through my brother, James Brown – Gracious Brown

James Brown’s younger sister, Gracious James Brown has opened up on her fall out with the crossdresser and her subsequent regrets.

The content creator and influencer said her greatest regret in life is became a popular person as a a result of her brother’s influence and backing.

Gracious made this known during her recent chat with Egungun of Lagos. James and his sister have now become estranged after he publicly disowned her for supporting his neighbours in a fight against him.

My greatest regret is getting fame via my brother, James Brown - Gracious Brown

The young lady, however denied his claim, and clarified that she still took James’ side even though her brother was at fault in the incident. She claimed not to understand the narrative he spun on social media.

Gracious expatiated on her regrets emanating from the knowledge that James has always flaunted the fact that she made fame through him and always threatens her on several occasions.

According to the brand influencer, James knows her passwords and has access to her social media accounts, which he has disabled on numerous times.

She said she trusted him as her manager since he was family, however, she could not believe he would do such a thing to her.

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