My girlfriend loves spending on me but refuses to cook – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has expressed confusion over the mixed characteristics displayed by his girlfriend, which makes him think she practices feminism.

He said she does not mind spending on him and handling the bills rather than collect things from him, but she is opposed to the idea of cooking.

The man said she told him that it is not a woman’s role to cook as they are meant to share the responsibility in the home. He wonders if her feminist trait should be seen as a red flag being that he is considering taking her as his wife.

Taking to anonymous messaging platform, he wrote; “My girlfriend is pretty, smart and caring so much that she’d rather use her money to buy stuffs for us than accept from me. My fear is he has an undertone of a Feminist. Recently she argued it’s not women’s role to cook for the household that it’s a joint thing. Could this be a red flag for a wife.”

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In other news…

CorrectNG recalls earlier that a newly married Nigerian woman opened up about being in a dilemma that saw her having a conflict of preference between her husband and ex-boyfriend.

She revealed that they got married last month and her ex just returned to her life ater earlier abandoning her with pregnancy.

The lady confessed that she still loves him and would not mind getting back together but the problem is her current marriage which is just a month old.

According to the woman, she does not want to hurt her husband who has done a lot for her and given her all she desires but her heart is still with the ex-lover.

She wrote in part; I need serious help… I got married last month to the man of my dreams, he is my long term friend. We reconnected and things worked out for us. We got married last December because he’s not based in Nigeria, he’s bases In the US, he’s a very good man,he loves me immensely, he provides for me,I never lacked anything since we met,he makes sure I’m good.

He knows my family and accepted us the way we are he is caring, he is simply perfect. The issue is I don’t love him that much. I do pity him because sometimes I show it to him but I can’t do anything about it.

I still have deep feelings for my ex who maltreated me so bad,abused me and showed me how bad love could be. After everything he has put me through I still love and have serious feelings for him.

My ex got me pregnant a few times and whenever I inform him, he would ignore me after asking me to get rid of it. I lost my self esteem, he never cared about my feelings then. My well-being meant nothing to him. He cheated on me countless times and made me look like a fool. I saw hell while we were together.