My girlfriend dumped me for not buying iPhone XS Max for her father – Man cries out for advice

A Nigerian man has revealed that his girlfriend broke up with him because he could not buy iPhone XS Max for her father.

He lamented in an online message to influencer Wizarab that his babe told him that she did not like the phone her dad was using.

The boyfriend said he is in love with the girl and does not want to lose her, so he needs advise on whether he should apologise and appeal to her to be patient till December when he would have saved up some money.

According to him, the money he had was used to open his current business and that is why he is unable to buy the smartphone his girlfriend wants.

He wrote; “My girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t buy iPhone Xmas for her father which I don’t even have the money now, she says she doesn’t like the small phone the father uses, I love her, I have no one again, this is a girl I want to settle with.

Should I beg her to try to understand that I’m saving the money so that by December it will be completed, I used all my savings which is 3million to open my business and I just rented a selfcon too, I need advise.”

In other news…

A man who wanted to make this year’s Valentine very special for his girlfriend, bought two phones for her, but took them back after he surprising discovery.

He reportedly delivered the gadgets to her place through a dispatch rider and told the delivery man to collect whatever gift she got for him.

However, on reaching her place the lady did not have anything for him, and her excuse was that “it’s his duty to gift me not the other way round”.

This angered the boyfriend when the delivery man informed him of her response, and he directed him to immediately return with the phones.

The dispatch driver shared the story via his Twitter handle @Max_J619 while expressing sadness that no babe got a gift for their man in all the deliveries he did on Valentine’s Day.

He wrote; “I did a lot of valentine deliveries yesterday and I can tell you for free that guys are really trying for their babes and at the same time they are dating rubbish.

Phones, ipads, laptops, edibles etc all sent by guys to their babes. But no single delivery from a lady yesterday. A guy asked me to deliver two phones to his babe & told me to also collect what she got for him.

Getting there, she said “it’s his duty to gift me not the other way round” with laughter. Called on the phone & updated him. Unhesitatingly, he said I should bring back the phones.”