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My girlfriend discovered I cheated and she used hotel security to chase me out of the room I paid for with my last N20k – Man narrates



A man has narrated the drama that occurred after his girlfriend found out that was cheating but lied to her that he had an assignment to do.

According to the man simply identified as @london_used on Twitter, the girl who is now his ex wanted them to hang out for the weekend and in a bid to make it a memorable moment, he gave her N20,000 which was his last cash.

She booked a hotel room and waited for him unbeknownst that he had gone to have fun with his side chic.

However, on finally meeting his ex-girlfriend in the hotel, he was hit with a rude shock after she discovered that he slept with another lady.

Read his story:

“In 2013,my ex girlfriend said we should go chill somewhere outside town for The Weeknd. I was having just 20k and she said we were gonna manage it. I sent the 20k to her and she went ahead to pay for one cheap hotel outside town. She went to the hotel and waited for me to come.

“There was this side chick I was suppose to see briefly and do the needful before joining her in the hotel. I went to meet blessing in her house,but my babe kept calling that I had to lie that I wanted rounding up one assignment so I won’t be distracted when I came over.

“I finished the Lord’s work with blessing and headed for the hotel around 9:30pm. I got to the hotel around 11pm and went in to have a shower. When I came out,she said “where are you coming from “&I told her I was coming from night class like I said earlier and she said ok

“Few minutes later she asked again “where are you coming from” and I got angry.”why are you asking me stupid questions?i just told you I wanted to complete assignment before coming “and she said I was very stupid. She asked me where my phone was and I realized she was with it

“I wasn’t scared cause I had nothing in my phone. I had sanitized the phone and washed it properly before heading for the hotel. She first of all asked who was “Emeka coursemate”& i remembered immediately that I had saved Blessing’s number as Emeka coursemate. Omg I’m dead

“I told her Emeka coursemate was my departmental coursemate that I went to night class with. Madam said I should call Emeka and I told her it was late that he might me sleeping. She brought out my phone and showed me something. Guess what it was ??

“I really loved the way you fucked me today.wish you were not going to see that your girlfriend.Hope you’ll lie to her and come meet me tomorrow please”this was the text message blessing had sent to me that my ex girlfriend saw while I was in the bathroom. Play me risky by davido

“Babe there’s a mistake somewhere..maybe it’s the network or he mistakenly forwarded the text someone sent to him to me. Really!!!!she said. Before I finished talking,she had dialed the number and the next that came out of Emeka’s mouth was “my baby I’m missing you already”

“Chei if only we had @Peruzzi_VIBES and tuface by then,I would have remixed the song to Emeka disappoint me..but iyeneke confusion “Multiple musical notesMultiple musical notesMultiple musical notesNext thing she said was “get out of my room and go back to Emeka” get out of the room I paid for by 12:15am???? Is my baby ok like this?

“Why should I leave the room I paid for baby??? I can explain and said I should leave before she calls the security for me. Babe wasn’t joking o. She went outside and called the security and I was asked to leave. I told them I paid for the room and I was told they didn’t know me

“You came here like a guest and the visitor has asked you to leave immediately.please leave the room before we use force. The owner of the room is Nora and not Akan please. I started begging my Ex. “Where and how do you want me to go by this time?i sent all the money I had to u.

“Madam didn’t answer me and I had to leave the room. I pleaded with them on the hotel to allow me sleep in the bar cause I had no money on me and the place was very far from my house cause it was outskirt of town that was how I slept in the bar till the next morning.

“Fear port harcourt girls my brother. Women will embarrass you in this life. I called Emeka all through the night,she didn’t pick up. Madam has left the house to go chill with her boyfriend..women have used me in this life.Tueh to all the women in the house especially blessing.”

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