My girl wants to dump me because of my female therapist – Man who lost his whole family

A man has sought advice from the public about his relationship which is on the brink of collapse due to his girlfriend’s insecurities.

He said that he is seeing a therapist who is female, but it makes his girlfriend of three years jealous and suspicious.

The man revealed that he lost his three brothers when he was growing up and his parents marriage crashed.

In addition to the sad situation, his father later died while his mother went missing and she has not been found till date.

He said that the unfortunate events were so traumatic for him that his boss advised him to seek the services of a therapist.

According to him, he started seeing the female therapist about a month ago and she usually likes having sessions with him at his favourite relaxation spots, but his babe whom he started dating in 2019 suspects they are doing something in secret.

She threatened to leave him if he does not terminate the contract with the therapist, however, he admits that the therapy sessions have helped him because his nightmares have reduced and cold sweats are gone.

Read his write-up below:

Please I need advise. I started dating my girl in 2019. When I was growing up, I lost three brothers. My parents marriage crashed. My father is currently late. My mother is currently missing.

My boss advised me to go for therapy due to these issues. Now my therapist is female. I began seeing her about a month ago and she told me her preference for sessions is my favourite places, restaurants, hangouts etc (places I feel most comfortable) and my gf has started raising hell. I see the therapist every two days and on weekends.

Frankly I began to feel better during therapy. Nightmares have reduced, cold sweats are gone. The fears I hid from my gf are reducing. She threatened to break up with me by tomorrow if I don’t revoke the contract with the therapist.

I have tried having my gf sit in on my sessions just to make her comfortable but she’s says she sense ‘chemistry’ between me and my therapist. What do I do? I am f***ing tired.

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