My friends are advising me to leave my supportive boyfriend because he doesn’t celebrate valentine – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has expressed confusion over the advice she is getting from her friends for her to leave her struggling boyfriend of three years.

She said that he supports her with monthly allowance for school, rent and buys her gifts for birthdays but because he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, her friends want her to breakup.

The lady, who seeks suggestions from social media on what to do, also disclosed that she is the one who buys her man gifts on Valentine’s Day.

She wrote; “My friends are telling me I deserve better because my struggling boyfriend of 3yrs who also assists me in school with monthly allowance, rent and buys me birthday gifts doesn’t do valentine. I don’t believe Valentine gift is compulsory plus this man is trying, but they insist I’m making myself cheap because I buy him valentine gifts.”

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Meanwhile, in another news…

A young lady has cried out online after finding out her boyfriend and her best friend of eight years have been seeing each other behind her back and it resulted in pregnancy.

In a trending video, she narrated how she introduced her best friend to her boyfriend since they were the two people who mattered most in her life. According to her, they shared wonderful moments going out together, however, she was unaware of the cheating game they were playing.

She got to discover what was happening on a random night when her boyfriend’s phone kept ringing only for her to check and see messages as well as photos of her boyfriend and her best friend in suggestive positions.

The distraught lady sought advice from netizens on the best way for her to handle the complicated matter.

In reaction, funaya_ said; The moment a man cheats on you the first time, LEAVE HIM. Why will you still stay? Other men no dey? There are plenty fishes in the sea!

ble_ssing_sunday; This is why checking ur partners phone is necessary sometimes so you know ur place in his life. Move on sis👏 he doesn’t deserve you.

queen_tolex16; Make una still dey advocate say checking ones partner phone is bad, una go learn the had way

anioko1; This monogamy only culture is wrecking hearts. If you loved him and your friend, you would have formed a polygynous/polygamous family.

donaldmgb6; You are the one assuming wrongly. She was never your bestie .It only took her some time to reveal her true self.