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My friend told me to test his girlfriend’s loyalty, she denied him in seven days – Man recounts



A Nigerian man has narrated how his friend tasked him to test his girlfriend’s loyalty by wooing her and the subsequent drama that ensued.

The man identified as Tommy Vicceti on Twitter said that after collecting the number of his friend’s lover and interacting with her for one week, she denied her boyfriend and claimed he is her cousin.

Read his story below;

“I just remembered something that happened and it got me laughing so hard all over again. It’s another episode of Fear Women.

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“So here’s the gist,

My guy wanted to know if he’s girlfriend was loyal, so he gave me her number to try and woo her to see if she was gonna fall for me.

“Anyways I accepted the challenge, he gave me her number and we got talking. After a week she was already falling for the boy (who wouldn’t tho?). So I her invited over to my place.

“She came we gisted and all, till I got to see her phone wallpaper when she dropped her phone on the centre table. It was my guy that was her wallpaper and then I said, “hmm, your boyfriend is cute”.

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“She gave an awkward laugh and said “that’s my cousin jare”. Laugh wanted to finish me, I swear I still wondered how I was able not to have bursted into laugher Face with tears of joy .

“I just kept my cool and enjoyed the rest of the day with her till she left. I quickly texted my guy and the first thing I said was “guy u no tell me sey your babe na your cousin.

So that was how he broke up with her.”

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