My fiancé doesn’t allow me sit beside men in public transport – Lady cries out

A Nigerian lady identified as Okoro Deby has lamented bitterly about her fiancé’s overprotective behaviour towards her.

She said he is a kind man but he is also a jealous lover and hardly allows her some breathing space even when she goes out without him.

According to Deby, whenever she enters a public transport and he finds out that he is sitting close to a man, he will immediately direct her to switch her sitting position.

She wrote; “Hello good evening everyone please how will I handle a situation where by sa guy is jealous and over protective over his girl I have a fiance which we’re planning to get married,

He is kind, loving he got everything I need in a man but my problem with him is over protective and jealous to extent if am in car, napep or any vehicle he will like to know someone sitted beside me if is a man he will disturbing the man to adjust let his body not touch me he will be requesting for a woman to sit close to me instead of a man causing quarrel or laughter in the vehicle am just tired I don’t know what to do.”

Meanwhile, Portable revealed that the money he earned from his breakout single, ‘Zazuu Zeh’ did not exceed N3 million.

The street-hop singer said he wa ripped off by people in the industry because he was still up-and-coming and did not realise how things work in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Portable was interviewed on The Echo Roon where he talked about all the things he endured in the first few months as a bubbling artiste.

He said he has been defrauded of of N5million and N3million by different people who wanted to exploit him at the time.

He said the N3 million he made from Zazuu when it was a trending song is what he used to buy his his Toyota Camry.

According to him, the reason he could not make more than that amount is because he single handedly took care of everybody on the team which includes a manager, promoter and their own workers.

He said that he would fuel the promoter’s car, feed him and also take care of his boys, adding that anytime he visits a boutique to buy clothes, they would follow him, and he’d buy for them as well.