My fans created the GoFundMe in my absence – Tacha clarifies amid clash with Mummy Zee

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Tacha Akide has responded to criticism from fans over her mockery of internet sensation, Mummy Zee.

She had dragged Mummy Zee on Friday evening, saying that someone who was begging for donations should not have the audacity to speak with her.

However, fans reminded Tacha that when she was disqualified from BBNaija in 2019, she went ahead to create a GoFundMe account to beg for funds online.

Tacha Mumzee

In reaction, the brand influencer defended herself by saying that it was fans who created the GoFundMe page for her without her knowledge.

She also said that no matter how people try to drag her with her throwback videos as a slayqueen, she will not be perturbed.

Tacha wrote; “If you like fake screenshots!! if you like post a GoFund my fans created in my absence!! iF you like post videos i posted myself like it’s a discovery (when your mates dey discover electricity)

This BAHDIE Don’t CARE!! This is 2024!!! you go low!! I Drill for crude!! Go AND meet your mummy and daddy to do bigger person with you!! Siaaa”.

Meanwhile, in related news…

CorrectNG reported earlier that Tacha stated in a recent interview that the idea of a woman waking up by 4am to prepare meal for her husband that will go to work around 7am is ‘nonsense’.

The brand influencer made statement while wading into the debate that was stirred two weeks ago by Mummy Zee, a pregnant woman.

When a Twitter user drew Mummy Zee’s attention to what the BBNaija alumni said about her action, she simply replied by saying that Natacha does not have sense.

Tacha wrote; “Take a look at this homeless piece of sht with zero self esteem. Zombie that has zero ability to think for herself at her big age!!

Really hope you use all that community funds you got from begging to actually send your daughter to a good school! that way she doesn’t turn out this stup!d “hat!ng on a fellow woman because it is popular to do so!! or waking up 4am to cook rubbish for a long-throat hungry looking man”.