My ex-wife, Korra Obidi was sleeping around while pregnant – Justin Dean

Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean has made some scathing allegations about her having extra-marital affairs.

The American man claimed in a trending video that she was sleeping around while heavily pregnant with their child.

He recalled when she allegedly traveled to Nigeria to attend her friend’s wedding and ended up sleeping with the groom even though she was five months into the pregnancy.

My ex-wife, Korra Obidi was sleeping around while pregnant - Justin Dean

According to Dean, he was upset when he found out and also feared for her health as she could have contracted an infection that would’ve affected their child.

He said; “Korra, my ex-wife went to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding and slept with this woman’s fiance, while she was 5 months pregnant with our daughter.

“I was so upset when I found out that she has been sleeping around. It was very risky. She could have contracted SDTs while she was pregnant. That is a big deal.”

The estranged interracial couple finalised their divorce last year, after a messy breakup that resulted in a long custody battle, which Korra eventually won.

Watch video below:

@Alexandaahh reacted; We have 356days in a year, use all of them and 24hrs a day use all of them and féar women

@Homiebishop; I feel pity for him and he was marrying a cheat all those years. Never trusted his wife though

@trankwility; Some women have been kxlled for less, the guy tried. Kora is shameless, no cap. And those supporting Kora and telling the guy to “move on”, may kora happen to you.

@mandu_preye; Painful! The reality is it goes Both ways. Cheating is a thing for survival in our society now. Many in a serious relationship offer themselves in to get pennies.

@AyomipoGideon; I don’t feel pity for you! We all saw the nonsense he used you for in videos way before and people pointed it out. You are an intentional man though

@dudukulture; Where you go fear woman be say na one of Kora friend go still give the husband all the screenshots 😀😀😀

@yetundeodetola; It’s all lies…… why is he coming up with this allegation after 2 years of divorce???