My ex-girlfriend named her dogs after everybody in my family – Man laments

A Nigerian man has lamented bitterly about what his girlfriend did to make a mockery of him after their relationship ended.

He said they broke things off some months ago and he found someone else shortly after, however, she was hurt that he moved on quickly.

To pay him back the ex decided to buy two puppies and gave the male puppy his name while the female was named after his new lover.

Things have gotten worse now that the puppies are adults who have started reproducing offsprings.

He said that the new puppies were named after everybody in his family and it has made him a laughing stock in the community.

In his words; ”My ex girlfriend lives a few blocks from my house, we broke up months back. Immediately after she found out that I am dating someone else, she bought two puppies

And named the female puppy by my current Lover’s name and named the male puppy by my Name. The problem is the puppies are fully grown now and they are reproducing. Whenever the female dog gives birth she names the puppies after my whole family. We are a laughing stock in the community. Please help. How do I stop this nonsense?”

In other news, a young man was captured on tape crying out to God when a police man hopped into his vehicle and nearly caused an accident.

The officer had jumped into the guy’s car without permission because he allegedly wanted to extort him.

There was a scuffle because the motorist refused to stop the car so the policeman decided to start dragging the steering wheel with him.

He could be pleading with the security personnel and suggested that they should go to the police station instea of him being harrassed.

But the police officer continued to drag the wheel and the car started to swerve nearly leading to a car crash.

Another man was in the back seat recording the entire incident and thy both warned the police that if he refuses to let go they may lose their lives in a crash.