My enemies are now benefitting from me – Portable (Video)

Top Nigerian singer and music executive, Portable has stated that because of his large generous heart, people who dislike him now benefit from him.

The ‘Zazuu Zeh’ star spoke during a recent chat with Disc Jockey, Brooke Bailey on her YouTube Danfo Diaries programme in Ogun state.

Portable confidently said that no matter how angry or excited his fans are whenever they see him in public places, they will never hurt him.

Enemies are now benefitting from me - Portable

He said that whenever he goes out, he withdraws about N3million from the bank and shares it to the people, and that is the reason they will never hurt him because they want him to live long and continue blessing them.

According to the controversial musician, he loves appreciating his loyal supporters because the people show him love and make him happy.

He further shared a secret to drawing ones enemies closer, which is to financially empower them so that they will never betray the person.

Portable said; “Anytime I want to go out, I withdraw, like two to three million, so when I spray people don’t disturb me. Even if they disturb me, they don’t hurt me. My fans will never hurt me. They can spoil my car and everything but they won’t hurt me because they want me to live long.

“Even my enemies are now benefitting under me, most of my enemies, because I bless them. When you bless them they will never turn their back on you. They will still be helping you.”

Watch the interview: