My daughter is now paralyzed – Mother storms school to confront teacher that flogged her child (Video)

A Nigerian woman has stormed a school in Lagos state to confront a teacher who flogged her 11-year-old child mercilessly.

She claimed that the teacher flogged her daughter to the extent that she can neither sit or walk normally.

The mum vented when she reached the school premises as she demanded to see the tutor responsble for paralysing her child.

In a video circulating online, the devastated mother could be seen lamenting inside an office in the school over the unfortunate incident.

According to her, the girl forgot her note book at home and as a way of punishment she was flogged in school.

Swipe to watch the video below:

Reacting, vanchizzy; Please, how many of us are going to the location? Let us know ourselves. I am tired of typing Justice for this and that online. Make we go give them live justice.

mv_chavhairline; Begging and refusing to bring the teacher out????! They kuku know me in my daughter’s school,touch not my anointed and do my baby no harm is my motto 💀🫠

outlandish.moe; Paralyzed? Omo dem go carry person for wheelchair and that person won’t be me

favouritesisi; Make I nor talk because that teacher is leaving that school on a wheelchair.


naylowcute; Madam you no handle am well oh, just ask your child the name of the teacher, find am for social media and see what she looks like, let area boys do the rest, if I don’t put atarodo inside your nyash and eyes eeh

choplifekitchenlagos; I think they should pass a law to ban canes at schools there are so many penalties for disciplining children that will make them think twice before misbehaving and keep frustrated teachers hands at bay.

just1bosyll_; May God bless my Mama that woman just too get action ;Naso one teacher almost deaf me with slap that year😬 It’s only in Nigeria teachers will physically assault students & say it’s part of the system 😏😏

chinonso_ochia; If dem nor provide the teacher just start to play everybody from the gate man to the school bus driver to the owner of school everybody go collect if the owner of school sef get dog dem go flog the dog join dem dey crase wetin person carry for 9months you just wan use cane finish am

delphinemercedes; I’m too hot headed for Nigerian school system…..we acting ASAP then record later. Don’t mess with mines 🔪 ⚔️ prayers up 🙏🏽