My dad opposed my career choice, I went for first movie shoot when he traveled – Actress Aderonke Atere

Rising Nollywood actress, Aderonke Atere, has revealed that her father did not support her decision to be an actress, but she still ventured into the movie industry.

Recalling her early days in the industry, the graduate of Political Science from the Ekiti State University said, she was lucky to get her first invite for a movie role when her dad traveled for business.

Speaking in a recent interview, Aderonke also revealed that she was passionate about acting right from when she was a child.

Aderonke Atere dad acting career

According to the screen diva, she used to write movie scripts while growing up and after she finished secondary school, an older girl in the neighbourhood, who was an actress that introduced her to Nollywood.

She said; “My dad wasn’t in support at all!You know how African parents can be when it comes to their children choosing acting as a career. However, my step mum was partially in support, because has always been a lover of Nollywood movies. I was able to go to my first movie set, because my dad was away on a business trip at the time.”

“I have always had passion for acting, since I was young. While growing up, I used to write movie scripts. I liked acting so much, and I also remember how I used to invite our neighbours, so they could join me in doing short dramas in our house. Acting has always been my thing since childhood.

“When I completed my secondary school education, I had a big sister in our neighbourhood then called Iwalola, who was an actress. She was the first person to take me to a movie set in Ibadan in 2010. I featured as an extra in a club scene, though I cannot remember the title of the movie anymore. But, there were great actors there, such as Damola Olatunji,” the actress added.