My dad named me after the woman that broke his heart – Nigerian lady reveals

A Nigerian lady has stirred reactions on social media after revealing the where her father derived the inspiration for her name.

The young woman known as Madina said her dad named her after the lady that broke his heart when he was struggling financially.

She expressed dismay that he decided to complicate her life by permanently involving her in his failed relationship which was of no concern of hers.

According to her, it was through a family friend that she got to find out how her dad came up with the name when she was a baby.

A Twitter user @mvccido_szn asked “Do you know the story or the reason behind why you were given your name ?”

Madina responded; “Madina….I was named after the woman who broke my daddys heart when he was broke. Idk what’s my own o”

dad name daughter woman break heart

@mvccido_szn added; this is insaaanne 😭😭

A tweep @abbvty asked; How did you know about the story? 😭

Madina; A family friend told me

Another user @Fatihaquadri opined; na your papa first love na

In response, Madina said; I don’t think so

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@Noorieyyah_x; Slightly different from mine. I was named after my dad’s besty. He even named my sister after her sister too. She is Noor, while the sister is Ni’imah.😅😂

@Mansaah_Musa; So, e don tey wey bestie dey cause problem 🤣🤣🤣

@AbjaFCB; Well your daddy couldn’t get Madina so he made one.