My cousin locked himself indoors, went on hunger strike after being dumped by girlfriend – Man narrates

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to narrate the oddly interesting event that unfolded when he was 10 years old.

The guy known on Twitter as @ProbablyDafe revealed that his cousin who worked in an oil company locked himself in the house after his girlfriend left him.

He said the man also refused to eat for days and burden was so heavy on the family that they intervened and begged the lady.

According to Dafe, after much pleas by different people, the woman succumbed to pressure, reconciled with him and they are now married.

He wrote; “My cousin locked himself indoors and refused to eat for days because his babe left him. Entire family had to go beg the girl. He’s married to her now.

I was 10 when it happened but I knew no human being will ever have that kind of control over me. I My cousin rich AF. Big boy in a top oil company. Him lean because woman no want again. Refused to eat for near a week. The church wey them dey go too follow beg.

Family beg. Church beg. Even me wey dey primary school then know say e don red. 😂put that on my Saint Obi. I was ten years old. How I wan take beg? 😂😂😂It caused enough stir across the extended family for a ten year old me to know.”

In other news…

A 27-year-old Nigerian lady earlier cried out online about being trapped in a relationship with a man she does not love.

She said that when they met 3 yeas ago, she did not love him but he showered her with money and she decided to give him a chance with the hopes that she will develop feelings along the way.

But despite all the good and expensive things he’s been doing for her she still does not love him, now she wants to leave but he keeps threatening her.

According to the lady, he also pays her rent and bought an iPhone which he asks her to return whenever she talks about leaving him. She is scared and confused because she wants to end the relationship but he keeps threatening her life.

In her words; “I’m 27 years of age and I started dating my boyfriend 3 years ago. When we first met,I didn’t love him but he started spoiling me with money and I decided to accept him, but knowing fully well I wasn’t into him.

I accepted him not because of the money but I wasn’t thinking I would love him or I would start to develop feelings for him. But upon all the money he has been giving me I still don’t love him…but this boy have been paying my rent and buying me gifts.

The main problem is, whenever I want to breakup with him then he goes mad… he would be threatening my life and even asking me to pay back all the things he has been doing for me especially the iPhone.”