My colleagues get all their ideas from me – Phyna

Nigerian reality TV star, Josephina Otabor professionally known as Phyna, has described herself as the ‘blueprint’ who inspires her colleagues.

The winner of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’, known for being controversial, stated that others get all their creative ideas from her.

Phyna colleagues get ideas from me

Phyna made the comment through her official Twitter page while dropping a quote for her fans to understand why she is always criticised.

She said that it is only a tree that blossomed with fruits that people throw stones at. She added that despite the attacks, she remains steadfast.

Phyna wrote; “I’m the BLUEPRINT I’m the one they getting all them ideas from. Na tree wey get fruits them Dey throw stones😊 I stand strong 💪”

Meanwhile, in other news…

A 33-year-old woman has shared her marital dilemma online and she is seeking advice from social media users on how to handle the matter which involves her husband and sister.

She caught her husband engaging in intimacy with her younger sister on the sofa in the living room of their matrimonial home.

According to the devastated lady, her sister who stays with them during holidays is set to get married in three months time and the discovery complicates everything.

The wife works as a caterer while her husband is a businessman and they have been married for five years. She revealed that she supports her sister who is in nursing school because their mum, a widow, is unable to do so due to her poor financial state.

Explaining what happened, the wife said she is hardly ever at home due to the tasking nature of her work, so she usually gives her sister food to give her husband in her absence.

What she did not know is that they have been using that time to cheat and she only just caught them in the act during one of those days she sent her sister to deliver food to her man at home.

She said; “It was as if I was going mad… This sister of mine is engaged to be married in three months time…He is now scared of me. He thinks I might poison him.”