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My co-worker’s fiancee gave her a ring and said it’s N3.7m, she asked me to examine it, after doing so, I discovered it’s worth less than N3,700, do I tell her? – Gemologist



A lady identified as @Iamnvtveviv has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to seek advise regarding a decision she is meant to take which may affect her co-worker’s relationship.

She revealed that the said co-worker got engaged and being that she (@Iamnvtveviv) is a certified gemologist, the colleague told her to help check and estimate the ring’s value as her boyfriend told her that it is worth $10,000 (N3.6 million)

Upon examination, she realized that the ring which is a sapphire set in plated sterling silver is actually worth less than $10 dollars (N3,655).

“My coworker got engaged. She knows I was a Certified Gemologist for 9 yrs. She asked me to look at her ring & give her an estimate on it’s value.

He told her it was 10gs. It’s a white sapphire set in plated sterling silver. Worth less than $10. Do I tell her?”, she wrote.

Checkout her tweet:

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