My bride price is $15m because I’m still a virgin – Viral lawyer, Ifunanya

Controversial Nigerian lawyer and slay queen, Ifunanya Excel, has said that her bride price is $15 million (Fifteen Million Dollars).

The Instagram influencer who is known for parading herself in a lewd way, took to Twitter to make the revelation of how much it costs to marry her.

Ifunanya further revealed that the reason her dowry is that high is because she is still a virgin.

“My Bride Price is $15Million, Because I’m still a virgin”, She said.

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The Influencer earlier said in an interview with Yangi Media that she doesn’t want to get married or have children because it would “tie” her down.

According to Ifunanya, people always tell her that with time her mindset would change but she does not think it will.

She said; “I am very ambitious. And I know marriage and children will tie me down. I grew up in a certain kind of home where me and my siblings experienced a lot of emotional neglect from our parents.

“And because of that, I have grown to know what is expected of me as a parent. I know that if I’m going to have a child, I have to give my child a 100 per cent dedication.

“And looking at my life and my goals and the things I want to achieve, I know that I won’t be able to adequately be a present parent and also be chasing my dreams. So, I just think it’s best not to have any.”