My boyfriend moved to another woman after I refused to cook for him – Lady cries bitterly

A Nigerian lady has expressed deep regret over her decision to not cook for her boyfriend when he made the request sometime ago.

She said when the Mummy Zee cooking saga was a trending topic, he invited her over to his place and wanted her to prepare food for him but she refused, and told him that she is not a slave.

The woman is sad now because she learnt that her boyfriend later called another lady who cooked for him, and ever since that incident, he has not picked her own calls.

In her words; “On the cooking saga that occurred on the timeline some days ago. So my bf called me during that period and told to come and cook for him which I replied that I can no longer cook for him because that is slavery. He said okay.

Only for him to call another woman to come to his house and cook. He even post the girl and the food on his WhatsApp status. I’ve been calling and texting him since then and he is not picking. I even offered to come and cook for him with my money and still no reply from him. Please what can I do?”

In another news…

A Nigerian lady simply known as Oyindamola recently took to Twitter (X) to reveal how she played a guy who wanted her to cook for him at his place.

She said she was visiting him for the first time and he gave her the house key as well as money to buy food stuff.

According to her, the man asked her to come back the next day and use to money to buy meat and pepper which she would use to cook before he comes back from work.

However, she decided to go back home because she was not comfortable with the idea of cooking, so she dropped his house key under the mattress and on her way back, she used the cash to buy food for herself instead of returning it to him.

Oyindamola wrote; “I visited this guy for the first time and he gave me his house key and money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚he said I should come the second day and buy pepper and meat so I can cook before he gets back from work πŸ’€πŸ˜‚ dropped the key under his mattress and used the money to buy food on my way home.”