My boyfriend dumped me after seeing how poor my family is – Nigerian lady cries out

A Nigerian lady known as @Remzsx on Twitter, has revealed that her boyfriend of one year broke up with her because he found out that her family is living in poverty.

She said he requested to see her parents and after visiting their apartment, he stopped calling frequently and no longer responded to her messages.

According to her, it continued like that for some days until he sent a message explaining that he can no longer continue the relationship.

He complained her family house not having good chair for visitors to sit on, and the fact that they drink tap water, and that their ceiling is already damaged.

In her words; “My boyfriend of more than a year requested to see my parents. He met them two weeks ago and after that, things changed between us. His calls reduced and he hardly respond to my messages. I tried asking him why but he didn’t say anything.

He didn’t reply nor returned my call for four days. On fifth day, I called him 3 times and he didn’t pick up. 30 minutes after my calls, he sent me a message that he can’t continue with the relationship, that he saw poverty in my family.

He added that we don’t have a good chair for visitors to sit on, we drink tap water, our ceiling is already damaged and he was lucky it didn’t fall on him and that he can’t get into a family that will depend on him for financial help. Since after reading his message.

I got so broken and my spirit have been down since. I responded to him with a voice message, that I never hid my family’s financial status from him. He said he didn’t know it’s that bad. I’ve never felt so sad in my life.

My father used his farming business to see me through university and I just finished my youth service. I need advice on how to stop feeling depressed and move on with my life. He blocked me on all his social media handles and blocked my number.”

My boyfriend dumped me after seeing how poor my family is - Lady cries out