My boyfriend dumped me 3 days after I spent my last money on him – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian chef, Tosin, has recalled the heartbreak she experienced six years ago that left her devastated.

The young lady with Twitter username @Tspiceskitchen, disclosed that she used her last N7,000 to buy cake for her boyfriend in 2018 but he ended their relationship three days ago.

According to Tosin, he told her that his parents would neve approve of her as his wife because he is Yoruba and she is from Edo state.

She wrote on Twitter; “I got hot breakfast in 2018😂 After using my last 7k to buy him a cake, he broke up 3 days after…

“Tosin, you are edo & I’m yoruba, sorry, my parents won’t accept your triibe” I cried for days and gave my life to Christ wholeheartedly!”

In reaction, a tweep @aposleyemite said; Most likely, the guy wanted to break up with you for other reasons but he had to lie againt another party making him look he had no control of the situation.

People use this tactic a lot. It was my guy lying he’s AS, so, he cant marry his babe(AS). Meanwhile the guy is AA.

@Tspiceskitchen replied; “Yeaa found out it was a lie”

In another news…

A Nigerian graduate and polio survivor, Oluwatimilehin Oyedele, has revealed that 50 women responded positively to his recent announcement that he is searching for love.

Speaking about the seriousness of his post, Timilehin said he is really single and looking for a partner as his last relationship ended three years ago.

He said that no less than 50 ladies slid into his DM after his post went viral on the microblogging platform, but he wants to take his time to make the right choice.

Oluwarimilehin said; “I received a lot of direct messages after the post and there are well over 50 ladies who have shown interest through messages, but I feel that I should take my time and not rush things.

I’m trying to scrutinise and assess those I feel are serious. I believe that with God, all things are possible. I’m feeling positive about it and I feel that I’ll probably get a suitor from there and if not, I’ll continue to look up to God.”