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My boss tried to use my phone but I smashed it on the floor because I didn’t want him to see that I used his daughter as my wallpaper – Nigerian man



A Nigerian man has narrated how he destroyed his phone in order to prevent his boss from finding out an information which could lead to a sack.

The man identified as @iam_topboii said his boss tried to collect his phone but he was scared because his boss’ daughter was used as a wallpaper.

In a bid to save face and prevent a possible query, @iam_topboii decided to deliberately smash his phone on the ground, stating that the action made him the most joyous person on earth.

“yesterday my boss tried to collect my phone , i feel like not giving him cos his daughter pic is my wallpaper..TF! so i don’t know how to tell him without being rude. then i intentionally throw the phone down without his awareness, the phone went off and the screen got cracked…

the man was speechless and felt guilty at same time not knowing i feel like the most joyous person on earth after that incident.

bruh this formula works, it saved my ass from temptation. huh!!

likeee how would i convince this man that i’m not after his daughter !” he wrote.

See his post:

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