My bestie slept with my fiancé when we were having issues – Lady shares

A Nigerian lady simply known as Kemi Warrior has recounted how she suffered the worst form of friendship betrayal courtesy of her man and bestie.

She revealed that her best friend introduced her to the guy who later became a fiance but she ended up sleeping with him when they were having issues.

According to Kemi, her ex-fiance apologised and confessed to her about the affair, saying he slept with her bestie twice.

She shared her story in reaction to a tweet that read; “What’s your worst friendship betrayal experience?”

The young lady also said that he called her around 8:35pm that year to lay out what had happened between them and it shocked her to the point that her phone fell on the floor.

Kemi wrote; “She knacked my fiancé. Na you introduce the guy to me, na you still come collect the guy. They were not even dating ooo. We were having issues and she decided to step in 😂. He told me himself! Wo the game is the game.

He called me at about 8:35pm that year. He apologized for the reason why we’ve been having issues. Then he told me that he was intimate with my friend 2ce.

My phone fell, I went blank. The was light but I couldn’t see 😂😂😂😂😂 I couldn’t move. I criedddddddddddddd!!!!”

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In reaction, a Twitter user @dammygtnet wrote; Maybe you keep telling her how great the guy was to you. Na werey friend dou.

@Tee_Classiquem1; This made me remember one time when a lady introduced her friend to her bestie, in her word during the introduction “see if not that my husband was fast enough to marry me, I won’t be here introducing him to you because i’ll be his house wife today” In the long run shaa, she later end up having sxx with him

@SugarStormz; She didn’t collect the guy from you. She was already in sxxxual relationship with him before he met you. Sorry but the game is the game.