My beauty not the only reason I get movie roles – Motunde

Nigerian content creator and actress, Motunde Sogunle, has said that being beautiful is not the main reason producers give her roles in movies.

The skit-maker, who is popular for her portrayal of Motunde, the fictional daughter of a social media comedian, Mr Macaroni, stated this in an interview with Saturday Beats.

My beauty not the only reason I get movie roles - Motunde

She said filmmakers and producers call her for roles because they know she is talented and not because of her beauty, even though it might be part of the reasons.

Motunde said; “Beauty might be a part, but it does not play the major role in me getting acting roles. People give me opportunities, because they know I am talented, and can deliver. Beauty is only an added advantage; not the main reason.”

When questioned about relationships and if she can forgive a cheating partner, the actress said; “I have a tattoo on my left wrist that says ‘forgiveness’. Who am I not to forgive? It is when it is done in excess that I will probably walk away. I don’t think catching my partner cheating on me will be a reason to leave the relationship. However, the tiniest thing can make me leave, such as being taken for granted.”

Speaking on the biggest sacrifice she has made for her career, Motunde said; “The only time I have really had to sacrifice anything major was for stage plays, because it has a lot of ups and downs. Recently, I had to do rehearsals for a stage play and also had to be on a movie set at the same time. So, it is really about me putting in the work for every role I have to play.”