Musicians are not the only promiscuous people – Young John

Nigerian producer turned singer, John Saviours Udomboso, professionally known as Young John, has defended his decision to be with multiple women.

He said he does believe in monogamy, and such way of life, is what many regular people, not just celebrities practice.

Young John multiple women

Young John stated this when he featured on an episide of Toke Moments with media personality, Toke Makinwa, stressing that his “free” nature prevented him from settling for just one woman.

The ‘Dada’ crooner said ever since he’s been a boy, he questioned monogamy and wondered why it must be one man to one woman.

He said; “I don’t want to be limited to just one woman. I am just free. Contrary to the popular belief that musicians and entertainers are promiscuous, everybody is engaging in these things. They’re simply not as visible about it. Musicians, however, have their lives on display, so everyone sees what they do.

“My polygamous nature isn’t because of the industry I’m in. Ever since I was a young boy, I used to question everything. I’d ask why it has to be one man, one woman. Since then, I’ve always wanted to explore different routes. I don’t want to say fantasies.”

Young John expressed uncertainty about getting married unless he meets a woman who can change his perspective on love and marriage.

Meanwhile, in other news…

Nigerian actress, Linda John has opined that there is nothing wrong with getting married to men that are much older.

This is also as she said that she can settle down with one who is above sixty years, so longer as she loves him.

Linda who stated this during an interview, said she prefers older marriages because in her experience, it has been proven that they last longer than younger ones.

The 32-year-old thespian, however, said her older partner must meet certain conditions, which includes being kind, matures and sensitive

She said; “When it comes to marriage, age is just a number. I have seen younger marriages break up in less than a year and I have seen older marriages last longer.

“So, yes I can marry someone above 60 that is mature at heart, kind and sensitive. When the heart beats in the right direction, everything falls in place.”