Mummy Zee to donate money from Twitter to orphanage homes

Rave of the moment, Deborah Olaki Adebisi, popularly known as Mummy Zee has opened up on her intention to share her social media largesse with orphanages.

The young lady who became a social media sensation after she talked about waking up as early as 4:50 am to prepare her husband’s lunch, made the revelation via her Twitter (X) handle on Monday.

She has been trending non stop for days and by virtue of Twitter’s reward policy, any verified user with blue tick can convert their massive engagements to money directly credited to their account.

Mummy Zee orphanage

However, Mummy Zee does not have a blue tick, so she is unable to monetize her posts, so another user @Dprince_Charming suggested that she should donate money realised from her handle to an orphanage.

He wrote; “If you later have a bluetick and when you get paid, I think it will be best to give a little money to the orphanage just to show appreciation for what Nigerians have done for you.

“Don’t misunderstand me; it’s your money. I’m not telling you what to do with your money. But at least that would be a very thoughtful thing for you to do.”

Reacting, Mummy Zee responded in the affirmative, stating, “Of course, Elon’s money will be shared. I’m working on the blue tick.”