Mr Ibu is irreplaceable in Nollywood – Veteran actor, Charles Inojie

Veteran Nigerian comic actor, Charles Inojie has said that his colleague, John “Mr Ibu” Okafor, who recently passed away, is an irreplaceable asset to the movie industry.

CorrectNG reports that news of Mr Ibu’s death broke on Saturday night, March 2nd and the nation as well as entertainment industry, were thrown into mourning.

The Nollywood star said Mr Ibu’s death is an irreparable loss which will be felt by everyone. He explained that casting him alone was enough to make a movie a blockbuster.

Mr Ibu is irreplaceable in Nollywood - Veteran actor, Charles Inojie

Inojie stated this in a recent interview with Channels TV, noting that he is one of the few thespians who can pass a message with body language and gestures that will be understood without using words.

According to him, such rare talent and characteristics possessed by the late entertainer does not come cheap in the movie industry.

Inojie said; “There’s sometimes you lose a person in an industry and you say, well, so or so person would replace him. But Mr Ibu is irreplaceable. Mr Ibu spears with every part of his body.

“He is probably one of the few people in Africa that would sit without saying anything would communicate a million messages with his facial expressions, body language and gestures without verbalising just one word of dramatic dialogue. That doesn’t come cheap. We are going to miss that. You have John, you have a blockbuster.”

In related news…

Popular Nigerian skit maker, Timothy Obotuke professionally known as Sirbalo has mourned over the passing of veteran Nollywood actor, John “Mr Ibu” Okafor.

Remembering his fond memories of the actor, SirBalo revealed that the comic actor bought his first laptop for him in 2014.

He said he approached John Okafor and told him that he wanted to learn video editing and in response, he decided to buy the gadget for him.

SirBalo shared a throwback photo with Ibu and wrote; “Why do good people die. You bought me my 1st laptop for editing in 2014. when I ran to you and asked you! daddy I want to learn movie editing. Rest in peace daddy.”