Mother of three ends it all outside police station

A troubled housewife has reportedly ended her life close to a divisional police station in Enugu North Local Government Area of Enugu state.

It was learnt that the mother of three ran into a moving vehicle and died instantly, due to financial difficulties following her husband’s departure from her and their children.

According to reports, the incident happened last weekend in front of Ogui Police Station, because at the time, she was suffering from depression.

The deceased whose identity stil remains unknown dropped her three young kids at the police station, took off her clothes, and ran into a moving vehicle which crushed her to death.

When interrogated, the eldest of the children said their father “got lost.” While a police source said; “She could not give any other information about their family, their town, or residential address”.

On learning of the unfortunate incident, First Lady of Enugu, Mrs Nkechinyere Mbah, announced that scholarship will be awarded to the three children (under seven years) who lost their parents in mysterious ways.

The governor’s wife had paid an unscheduled visit to Ogui Police Station Enugu, to see the children who were kept in custody.

Mrs Mbah, who was touched by the pathetic story, said she would take care of the siblings and train them from Nursery school to University level.