Most Nigerian female celebs are dating the same men without knowing – Ubi Franklin

Nigerian media executive, Ubi Franklin has stated that most of the female celebrities in Nigeria are in relationships with the same set of men.

He made the assertion in a post on his social media page, adding that the women however do not know that their colleagues are dating their lovers.

Ubi said most of them think their relationships are private and away from public eye, but they are all slying each other.

The Triple MG boss went on to share a recent encounter with a female celebrity he flew on the same plane with.

He said the lady he saw was traveling with someone else’s husbanf fron London, UK to Nigeria. Ubi added that he was however not judging anybody.

He wrote; “What’s crazy about our female celebrities is, they date the same men unknowingly, they be thinking they are private and no one knows their business. Just to pepper us on sm. I flew with on my one day from London to Naija and she was with some1 husband.

Not judging anyone but y’all got to do your due diligence and know who your dating, I know women pushing heavy stuff and yoh never see them posting on social media trying to prove nothing let’s take it easy. Stay guarded .”

Meanwhile, content creator, Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy has said has a personal principle against dating married men.

The beautiful comedienne said that though she knows she does not live a holy life, she made a vow to never follow another woman’s husband.

Ashmusy who stated this during a Vanguard interview, also disclosed that she gets messages and advances from married men but she turns all of them down.

According to the skit-maker, she will get married someday and she would not want her man cheating with younger girls, so her conscience prevents her from doing same to others.

She said; “I always say no to married men approaching me because I have a conscience and I do not want my husband to do the same to me whenever I decide to build a home. I do not want him going after young girls while I am trying to make our marriage work. It would really hurt me.

When asked if she had a body enhancement procedure to get men, Ashmusy said; “Getting your body done makes you want to show off, but I do not do it for money or men. Sometimes, I get messages from men when I post certain kinds of videos, but I do not respond to them. I get a lot of messages from married men, but I do not reply to them because I was raised properly in a Christian home. I am not holy, but I was raised with good morals. I do not date married men.”

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