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Mompha replies Hushpuppi, shares photos of Hushpuppi’s father Taxi in Lagos



The fight is not over between Mompha and Hushpuppi, as the two big boys are going really hard on themselves on social media, spilling dirty secrets about each other.

It all started, with classicbaggie, and Mompha decided to come in the beef… Mompha accused Hush of being a fake ass guy, and revealed that Hush’s father is a taxi driver, and his mom, a bread seller.[AdSense-B]

Hushpuppi responded, and shared some chats he had with Mompha (Read Here), Hush even claimed Mompha is a snitch, as he Launders money for politicians, and he’s an informant for the EFCC.


After his rants, a user on twitter, Olaitan also revealed he bought bread today, from Hushpuppi’s mother. He wrote: “I still bought bread from HushpuppiRay Mama this morning. the guy no dey help him family at all.. I dash her my change sef.”

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