Moment Shank got threatened while shooting content in UK (Video)

Nigerian skit-maker, Shank Comics recently found himself on the bad side of a suspected gang member in the United Kingdom while shooting one of his comedy skits.

Shank who is in the UK as part of YouTube global tour series ‘London: Surviving As An Immigrant’, was confronted by a man captured in the background of the clip.

Moment Shank got threatened while shooting content in UK

It all started when the comedian jokingly said ‘hello’ to someone on the street and the person who wa with the person he greeted decided to accost him.

The man with a tattoo on his neck, issued Shank a subtle threat and asked if he knew where he was, but the comic act responded by saying he was not filming him.

Watch the video below:

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In reaction a social media user @betty_nwabunike said; He is the luckiest man on earth I know what I’m saying

@HerRoyally; Y’all thought you love violence until you experience it real 😂

@seanpepisky; All that nonsense we do in Africa isn’t tolerated in other countries. They for run am street real quick.

@billionair_code; Why you go let another man raise voice for you like that? Stand for his front and look am eyes to eyes, intimidate am and tell am “wetin want sup?” If no be say na part of the script sha.

@Above_de_Sun; But Honestly!! That guy can’t take shank 1 v 1, I no know why him go dey respect am.

@RexChibuzo_; You don’t need permission to film in public spaces tho. The guy just want chance am

@thatpoetclem; Behave yourself bro. E get luck say them no chook am first

@Trhymesz; If Bro is in Brazil or Mexico.. he better be careful, guys in those streets don’t f*ck around 🤝

@OKWYtycoon; Omo shank for collect wotoporously the ability for him to be calmed in that situation needs to be studied!

@Freshxiick; Why was he clamoring on “ Do you know where you are”. Where’s is this in the uk?