Moment mourners questioned DJ for playing ‘Emi Lokan’ at burial ceremony (Video)

A Disc Jockey found himself being tackled when he played a song at a funeral that seemed inappropriate and insensitive for a burial ceremony.

The young DJ known as Damwest was hired to play music during a burial and he left mourners wondering what was wrong with him when he played Emilokan.

‘Emilokan’ loosely translates to ‘It’s my turn’ or ‘I am next’. When mourners heard the lyrics, a girl stood up and approached the DJ over his song choice.

In a video circulating online, he could be seen with a hand to his chin looking lost in thought when the lady walked up to him and asked why he was playing ‘Emi Lokan’ at a burial.

When DJ Damwest realised what he had done, his facial expression changed to convey his embarrasment.

Another man walked up to him with a look of amusement and disbelief that he decided to play such a song.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, @santos_sure wrote; Remember me of that Tu face song. Nobody want die, but they want go heaven

@daviiesofficial; Y person wey get sense go dey play that kind song for burial

@realomoBogunmbe; Wetin dj dey do for burial, wetin dem dey celebrate in the first place? 😐💔 Weyrey talk sey iwo nikan lokan oo 😂😂

@OyalabuT; DJ don forget event wey Dey call m for… e think say na house warming😂😂😂😭

@onlyprinz_adams; Dem suppose Dey play music at all for burial , Wetin dem Dey celebrate 🥺

@Jibrildeyeye; Naso one dey play “ogo agege” for wedding yesterday. As a Dj you must understand which song for when!

@iamfadaka1; I can’t believe I am still laughing till now! All this Ibadan DJ enh

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It was learnt that the course lecturer gave a group the topic of terrorism to present on, so they decided to dress the part.

According to eyewitnesses, when the two young men arrived in the lecturer hall, everyone thought bandits had invadedthe school.

The lecturer and students took to their heels at the same time, and as such a large crowd tried to pass through the narrow doors causing a stampede.

According to a student to shared the video, many of the students sustained injuries and someone fainted.

The source said; ”So this is what happened yeah. We have political science presentation And a group was to present on terrorism they decided to do their presentation a different way

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