Moment man trying to visit friend discovered he’s relocated to Canada

A Nigerian man simply known as Favour has shared a conversation with a friend who traveled to Canada without informing him.

He did not know that the guy had left Nigeria, so he sent a message to WhatsApp asking him if he had food and alcohol at home because he wanted to come over.

However, his friend told him that he was in Canada and this shocked him. Favour asked him a rhetorical question about whether he has truly relocated and when he did so.

Favour shared the screenshot with the caption; ‘Mehn’

Read the chat:

Man friend relocate Canada

Meanwhile, in other news…

A man, Aliyu Abdullahi Obobo has explained why he rejected 200,000 Riyal (N40 million) which was offered to him for the purchase of the bicycle he rode from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia.

It may be recalled that Obobo embarked on a journey with his bike from Jos, Plateau state to Mecca, for pilgrimmage in 2021.

Reflecting on his decision not to sell the bicycle after completing the journey from February 2021 to December 2022, he said he does not regret declining the offer.

According to Obobo, he prefers that the bicycle be kept in a Nigerian museum as a national monument for future generations to connect with history.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday in Jos, he said, “Bringing the bicycle back to Nigeria to be kept in the museum is the result of my deep patriotism and love for my country.

“The reason for the pilgrimage was for spiritual fulfilment and not for monetary gains. I will be embarking on foot from Jos to Lagos to commence the process of handing over the motorcycle to the Nigerian government for onward keep in the museum.

“It is out of my love for the Islamic faith, the Holy Prophet (Mohammed) and my desire to perform the pilgrimage in my lifetime, but that I could not afford the fare and other expenses involved.”

He said he traversed three countries before arriving in Saudi Arabia, namely Niger, Chad and Sudan, adding that he did not initially have a visa to Saudi Arabia and that he had stayed in Sudan for some months to get his visa fixed for him by the Nigerian ambassador to Sudan before proceeding.