Moment customer used her ‘spider-woman’ abilities to gain entry into banking hall (Video)

A Nigerian woman struggling to enter a bank during the rush for naira notes channeled her inner spider-woman which helped her gain an advantage.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, she could be seen climbing the iron bars that protects the entrance.

She did it to pass through the crowd of customers that also wanted to enter the banking hall for transactions.

As she maneouvred her way into the main entrance, othes could be heard cheering her on and when she eventually used her spidey abilities to enter the gate, everyone hailed her.

Interestingly, others who never thought of that before decided to follow suit when they saw how the woman climbed from the side of the iron bars.

Watch the video below:

Read some comments…

@Morris_Monye; This country can make someone mad. You left your home in your fine dress and wig to collect you own money. Few hours later, you are a Marvel action character.

@n6oflife6; Yet some people are Going out to vote for this same madness to continue. 💔😢 God forbid. 🌹🇳🇬

@Uncle_Onos; This no longer funny! We must all come out and end this endemic of lifestyle forced on us by our political elites.

@AlpacinoViruz; Nobody there thought about that move, but immediately she did it others started following suit especially seeing the applaud she got. When you have a failed system this is what we get.

@IamFreshPrinz27; That guy in red should be the new Spider-Man 🤣🤣

@tosinosikoya; In yoruba there is a saying that goes, “Oro buruku ati erin”. Translated, it means tragedy & laughter or laughing in tragedy or… who knows the real translation please? 🥺🥺

@ElMannyEl; and you believe in your heart of hearts that these people with other millions would satisfy your selection needs???(only FUULS in your camp would do that) BUT GENUINE NIGERIANS WILL BRING THEIR PRESIDENT..!! THEY KNOW HIM..!!

@vegilarchitectu; Wanna ask one question: why do almost all Nigerians closed to operate a particular sets of banks. That’s why whenever there’s money policy or Govt. identify modifications, these same persons find it hard to scale thru easily. but I learnt there are lots of banks in Nigeria.