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Moment angry lecturer chased upcoming artiste and manager out of class for late-coming



The dramatic moment a lecturer tackled a student who is also an up-and-coming musician has left many reeling in laughter online and offline.

In a video making the rounds, the lecturer lashed out at the artiste and his manager who are both in the same class.

It was learnt that they came late to class and casually walked in mid-lecture, so this made the lecturer furious.

He told them to stand up and warned them to never attend his class as he doesn’t ever want to see them.

The man then angrily shouted at the artiste and his manager to leave his class immediately.

”Don’t let me ever see you in my class again,’‘ he said.

The singer who braided his hair remained standing and seemed hesitant to leave but his manager walked out the moment their lecturer ordered them to leave.

A fellow student who was recording the drama could be heard making fun of the entire situation.

”Lectuer don dey abuse upcoming artiste ooo”, the coursemate said.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, another Nigerian lecturer, Dr Oyedele, left his students hanging and wondering what to do next after he revealed that he left the country.

He was also the project supervisor for some final year students, but he abandoned everything about his work in Nigeria.

The academician who works at a government-owned university said that he used the opportunity that ASUU strike provided, and secured travel documents

A man known as Muneer Yaqub took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the message the lecturer dropped for his students in their WhatsApp group.

Dr Oyedele said he would not be able to go through their projects and give final approval as he was no longer in the country. He revealed that he resigned his work to pursue other things in life.

Good day to all of you. I have this important announcement to make. I will not be able to read and sign your projects when ASUU strike ends. I resigned last month to pursue other issues in my life.”

”I’ve left the country already. We shall meet later in the future”, he told them.

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