Modern men are too lazy, our forefathers never asked to split bills – Ashabi

A Nigerian digital content creator, Ashabi, has opined that men in the current generation are too lazy hence why they make certain demands from women.

She referenced the days of old and emphasised that the forefathers never complained about bills and did ot split it as men now request.

Ashabi known on Twitter with username @KristenShires12, said in the olden days, men had no problem taking care of their family and handling the responsibility of as much as 20 children.

The young lady tweeted; “Men of this generation are too lazy. Our fore fathers never complained of splitting bills. They took full responsibility even with 15-20 children.”

Men flooded her comment section and made efforts to correct her notion about them, while bringing up relatable angles.

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@Tobicods commented; Lool. Women of this generation are the worst. They don’t know how to cook. Wanting princess treatment when they belong to the streets. Not trust worthy anymore, lol. That’s to just name a few.

@BIkLibertarian; Can you also compare the poor quality of women right now to the good quality of women in your fore father’s generation.

@KristenShires12; While I’m not comparing. You can also state your own facts.

@rolexis000; Women of this generation are disrespectful. During our forefathers, women don’t challenge men and don’t argue when men speak

@McTMO; Your forefathers rent apartments of 1.2M? Your forefathers did monthly subscriptions on MTN GLO AIRTEL 9MOBILE only for it to finish in 3days? Your forefathers.
Your forefathers go on dates, boat cruise, pay for surprise Birthday and do they propose at a well decorated venue?

@King_mannie21; I wouldn’t call it laziness. Kindly compare the economy back then and now, you will notice that back then, money had value while I’m today’s economy you can be working two jobs but the pay doesn’t have value hence a woman joining in on bills.