Mixed reacts as pastor prays for lady’s new Kayanmata shop (Watch video)

A young Nigerian lady who recently launched a kayanmata (spiritual aphrodisiacs) store in Lagos state invited a pastor to bless the business.

She was thankful because the store is the sixth one she would be launching in the commercial capital. A trending video showed the moment the pastor was praying inside the shop during the opening ceremony.

The owner also invited her workers from other branches to witness the ceremony. The businesswoman could be seen kneeling down as the clergyman used anointing oil to bless her in the presence of the workers.

“Congratulations to me on my 6th shop opening. I opened another kayanmata spiritual store in Lagos, she captioned.

Another part of the clip showed a lady believed to be her business partner, coming forward to receive her own blessings.

Watch the video below:

sba_moni commented; Lol werey , what if the pastor anointing come spoil the kayamata charm ni! Abi na still God de create the kayamata wey u de sell?

oluwababanlatv; Maybe the pastor wife dey patronize the lady na 😂😂😂

wbwillybang; There is a diff btw a Pastor and a Spiritual leader!!!

therealsavageking; Seriously 🤬 why would a pastor come and pray for you because you open a kayamata shop if not because of money

kaimastretchmarkoil; Firstly this is my younger sister and yes we are very strong Christians and believers of Christ. ….. What is kayamata goggle it these are natural herbs that works to help stimulate and enhance sexual performances and health !!!! She is celestian she sells celestian spiritual prayer products……. How is this a bad thing……. The lord has been really faithful in my family this past few months…..even this post is an evidence of this…… Please my fellow Nigerians and youth stop mix understanding things you do not understand get your facts right

pams_herbals; First the question is what is Kayanmata,the normal believe is spiritual products, that’s not the meaning of Kayanmata, it’s called sex sweetners,ask the northerners what Kayanmata I they will school you properly anyways I have both Kayanmata and self benefits products available ooo

big_vick147; Hypocrites will criticize her here now, same people that patronize her offline. Abi na ghost she dey open 6th shop for?? Make una just dey play😂😂

special_fhavy; Kayamata is never a charm or anything fetish I wonder what your intention posting this video

Y’all saying pastor came to pray in my shop who were you expecting to come an herbalist ? So many of you here doesn’t even know the meaning of kayamata y’all are judging with illiteracy mindset. First of all kayamata is never a charm it is a sex sweetner product naturally made from herbs and plants 🌱 While i also sell spiritual materials which y’all know and all churches uses

So who were y’all expecting to come pray on my shop opening y’all judging asif you saints and don’t drag an innocent pastor to your illiteracy mentality.