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Mixed reactions as Nigerian woman fights girl young enough to be her daughter at fast food in UK (Video)



A fight between a Nigerian woman and a teenage girl at a fast food joint in the United Kingdom was captured on tape and sparked mixed reactions.

In the video, the woman could be heard telling the school girl standing in front of her that she is young enough to be her child.

It is not yet clear what caused the exchange but they were seen arguing before it escalated.

“You’re not older than my daughter. This is how you behave outside?'” the woman lashed out.

The girl then turns and asks the woman to stop talking down on her because she is not her parent.

“Stop shouting in my face,” the girl says.

But the woman shouts at her, saying, “Shut up.”

This soon turns physical as the woman hits the girl and the girl retaliates.

Some social media users say the woman was wrong for hitting the girl, while others said the girl was disrespectful for talking to the woman in that manner.

Watch video HERE

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