Mixed reactions as Nigerian man proposes to teenage-looking girl (Video)

A video which has gotten social media users talking shows the moment a middle-aged man proposed marriage to a young lady who looks like a teen.

He took her to a public bar and restaurant to have some fun and decided to surprise her with an engagement. The man went down on one knee and brought out a ring to ask for her hand in marriage.

She accepted and in that moment, other customers cheered for the couple as he put the ring on her finger. He later stood up and gave her a warm hug after which the engagement was sealed with a kiss.

However, the lady’s face looked like that of a minor and it generated mixed reactions on social media as some gushed over the couple while others drew attention to the seeming age disparity.

Watch the video below:

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an_na_bella11; Awnnnnnn God when😭😭😭 Only the singles should like my comment please let’s know ourselves😭😭😭 God knows relationship is so sweet when you’re with the right person let’s not lie

adeoyeeben; She don finally see her father after all this years😂😂

endylight1; I don tell u say Love Dey everywhere, stop looking for Tall , dark and Handsome with a touch of Ebuka and frank Edward😂😂😂

gylliananthonette; Older men and light skinned girls is like rice and beans …them too like light skinned ladies

smplyugochi; This is an igbo man doing business in Onitsha 😂😂😂

denniclara; I feel like is one of this, “I went out with my dad” kinda content so let’s just wait for part 2

hrm_dubay; Senior man don later adapt to the law of nature 😂😂

official_yanki_p; Is this not child abuse 😮😮😮 Some men has no shame. I’m rich and I can date any age even as young as 18yrs but shame no go let me and morally is wrong. Even when they approach me because of nice blinks or expensive cars, I still turn them down. Instead i offer help because no hungry dey bring about this kind of desperation. Please if you have money and a kid is trying to get your attention. It ain’t for love na hunger cause am. Help out if you can 🤮🤮🤮 You can’t go about abusing privilege just because you feel you are comfortable #sadly

Meanwhile in another news..

An African American woman took to social media to express the utmost joy and excitement at her daughter being blessed in double fold.

Her daughter delivered a baby boy and the man in the new mum’s life proposed marriage to her at the hospital where she gave birth.

In a video posted on TikTok by the woman’s mother, the guy decided to pop the four-word question to his girlfriend just in front of the hospital.

“Our Christmas Miracle ♥️: Seeing my daughter & son in law walk free out of children’s hospital #nicu for the first time after having twin babies on July 21, 2022 at 24 weeks which our babygirl A’sani is our angel 👼 now and A’sir fought through the Nicu for him & his sister an is now home with us.

My daughter breeofnola born on Christmas Day received a double dose of blessing on yesterday being surprisingly proposed to after we blessed & celebrated baby boy A’sir discharge from the hospital. Lord let me just say thank you for it all🙌🏾 and that girl has REAL DIAMONDS like her mom”, she wrote.

She revealed that daughter had initially given birth to a set of twins on July 21, 2022, but one, a girl unfortunately did not make it, thankfully the boy survived and was finally discharged with his mum in December.

The video showed the woman who had just been discharged leaving the hospital when her lover decided to surprise her with an engagement. As the woman and her boyfriend were stepping out of the hospital premises, friends and family showed moral support by cheering.

A man first prayed for the new mum and her lover before the she took the floor and appreciated them for being supportive. Her man decided to speak next and it was in the course of his speech that he made the surprise marriage proposal.