Mixed reactions as BBNaija’s Kaisha reportedly leaves brand influencing to start provisions business (Video)

Fans of Nigerian reality TV star, Kaisha Umaru have expressed surprise over her decision to allegedly leave ambassadorial deals and open her own business.

The Big Brother Naija 2020 ex-housemate recently ventured into provisions business and a video of her showing off a warehouse is trending on social media.

BBNaija's Kaisha reportedly leaves brand influencing to start provisions business

Kaisha could be seen giving a tour of the store which contained cartons and packs of a variety of household groceries and supplies.

One user known as Luchi sparked a debate on whether it was an upgrade or downgrade for the BBNaija star to start selling food items.

“Chai a whole Big Brother Naija celebrity selling indomie, what happened to Kaisha,” the post read.

Watch video below:

Reacting, @iRoyalty wrote; Lmao. You’re seeing a woman with a warehouse of these items and you think she’s making some small money? 😂😂😂 Nigerians eh eh eh

@HgiServices; Seriously?😳 Shaming her for a multi million naira business? With warehouses fully packed and these are daily consumptions….. The people shaming her must be dreaming. They think success is only linked to suit and tie🤦‍♀️

@OlatayoAlphonso; She be omo olowo before she went to BBNaija because she said it on the show. So what’s the big deal in this her new achievement?

@Big_Ben_21; Best for her than sleeping around with men for money like some of them do after leaving the show just to keep up …..

@OritogunM; I’m counting hundreds and hundreds of cartons. This is not a poor person’s business. People who sold foodstuffs in cartons during Covid lockdowns are still spending their profits. Fans are clueless about life.

@buzuzu7; Far more honorable than glamorized prostitution and unintelligent chatter in podcasts. You go girl!!!

@arizzto1011; Na this one sure pass. Leave all those fake life people abeg. She’s taking the right steps

@contantine101; The person that posted this biggest Mugu ever she’s a whole saleswoman for crying out loud she thy cash out daily 🤣🤣

@Chisq4impact; I’m seeing warehouse stock of at least 50million naira here. Dear Nigerians, this is what a legitimate business looks like. Now watch her expand as many who respect legit hustles will bring in demand that surpasses what she can supply. She will only rent bigger warehouses for more

@peterstephen91; She is doing legit business.. I don’t know why you guys are mocking her… You guys always pressure people to do illegal things to get quick riches..

@KerenKBitto; Rather than being proud she’s enterprising you expect her to be on podcast shaming her family like other BBN ex housemates. Nigerians will never see the good in women🤦🏾‍♀️ see well stocked warehouses do you know how many millions are inside one alone?

@Ifyblaze22; What do they want her to do? Jump on every Podcast and talk about Men & some non existing high life? Nigerians are unbelievable and mind you these cartons of Indomie cost money.