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Microsoft To Support Teacher Owura Kwadwo Who Drew Computer Interface On The Board For His Students Microsoft Word



The photos of a basic school teacher identified as Owura Kwadwo went viral on the social media after he was pictured teaching his students ICT and how to use Microsoft Word on a chalk board.

Kwadwo shared photos of himself on his Facebook page weeks ago teaching students how to identify basic elements on a computer monitor without actual resources and his action has received the attention of “Microsoft”.

He resorted to the chalk board to sketch a Microsoft Word document work environment, with the parts of the window labelled, enabling the students to get a little idea of the various parts of a typical Word document.

His zeal to teach and enthusiasm to make his pupils comprehend the subject gained attention of some people on social media who made pleas for him to get support.[AdSense-A]

An entrepreneur on Twitter, Rebecca Enonchong @africaechie appealed to Microsoft Africa to assist the teacher with resources and build his capacity to motivate him keep on with his task.

This appeal was warmly welcomed by the Microsoft Africa team who responded to her tweet by emphasising that,

Supporting teachers to enable digital transformation in education is at the core of what we do. We will equip Owura Kwadwo with a device from one of our partners, and access to our MCE program & free professional development resources on

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