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Men who go to the gym are not faithful to their partners – Foodie defends pot-bellied men as his wife mocks him (Video)



A married Nigerian food lover has made a case in defence of men who have pot bellies, saying that they are more faithful than the ones with six-packs, who visit gyms.

He stated this during an interaction with his wife in their sitting room, when he was having dinner around 8pm.

His wife was mocking him for eating eba and soup late at night, and pointed at his pot belly, saying that his lifestyle is the cause of it. She then told him to go to the gym and get in shape.

In his defence, he said that it was the same pot belly he used to woo her, he then added that men who visit the gym to exercise are not faithful to their partners.

He concluded by asking her if she would prefer a man with six packs or the one who has six cars.

Watch the video HERE

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